Three Feathers: Acrylic on canvas
Triptych   Framed Each panel  400 x 400 mm
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When I am out walking I have time to think, to muse on ideas. Sometimes this can turn into a tune, “a hum” as Winnie the Pooh called it. Sometimes that idea stays with me until I get home and becomes a song or a tune, such as the River Wherever and Rainswept tunes, or a picture. In this instance, I had collected some white feathers found on the track through Moreton Woods at the back of Bovington Camp. I painted the feathers and then one night, I woke up with a connection and wrote it all down. It’s exploring an idea, that is all, but I am proud that a simple object can stimulate strong feelings if we allow them to.

When this was exhibited, an elderly man who saw it was surprised that someone of my generation would be moved to write something like this and he thanked me for making this artwork. I told him that I thought that war was terrible and that the first world war especially so. I don’t think we should ever forget the mess that the arrogant governments at that time got innocent people into.

Perhaps one day, we shall look back on the financial mess that Banks are allowed to create and think similar thoughts?