Clocks : Acrylic on canvas
£240  unframed or in light pine frame 400 x 400 mm
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This is an image from an occasion when I lay down in a field of dandelions. I have strong memories of playing with dandelion clocks as a boy. I seem to remember that it was a good way of knowing the time. I am unable to wear watches, I break them, or they mysteriously fall off. And I prefer not to have anything around my wrists.


It was as if I was lying in a bed of pure cotton. As I settled into them, some of the dandelion clocks burst and let their seeds fly into the land beyond. Where do they end up, do they make it?  Rather like ideas, I suppose, some of them germinate and flourish and others fall by the wayside. I am definitely an ideas person. I love other people’s ideas too. How did we get from dandelion clocks to ideas?