Corbies : Acrylic on canvas
£240  in light pine frame 400 x 400 mm
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Crows. Corbies. Twa Corbies – a mystery song that is a great favourite of mine. Full of atmosphere and unspoken drama.  The Dorsetshire Gap  is an ancient meeting place of five pathways– yet another place of great significance from another time. Yet still with its importance now, as there is a box containing a log-book for wayfarers to pass on messages.  


On this day the crows swooped and posed as portents. I imagined being an ill-educated traveller from another time on an important journey and not someone out on a sunny afternoon, at my leisure. What if I had encountered these birds, at this place? Would I have turned tail back to my master with tales of future catastrophe. But then i remembered being told by my band colleagues after being concerned about a lone magpie, “it’s one for sorrow, Damian, NOT a disaster!”