Dorset Ridgeway Panel: Acrylic on paper
Framed   400 x 400 mm
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This was an early piece in the series produced on an upcycled frame. Ridgeway walks are very special. You climb against the gradient and then experience the easier pace along the top of the ridge. They are also panoramic, affording views along the way and down into the valleys on either side. I was used to ridge walks in Cumbria, so when we moved to Dorset, I was pleased to find that I could explore along the length of the Dorset Ridgeway.

On one day I walked from Cerne Abbas to Maiden Newton and recorded my journal as a non sequential drawing. I wanted to get away from a topological perspective; rather this is like an aboriginal or medieval drawing where perspective and hierarchy are dealt with in other ways. I have allowed ideas to flow into each other and some elements to enfold found treasures such as the “pregnant stone” and seed casings.