Effelter Field Grass : Acrylic on upcycled board
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This is one of my “upcycled” frames. The image is one that has been nudging me insistently and needed to be painted. I had been gigging in Northern Germany and been asked to a good friends birthday party at Effelter. I was near, well in the same country, so I really felt that I should try and make it. This involved an early start in Hamburg on a Sunday morning, waking up every hour or so for the usual “Tickets please” and changing trains and then arriving later in the morning in the nearby town and not knowing if I would get picked up or not. Eventually it all went to plan. In the afternoon, I told everyone that I was going to explore the river as I had never had a chance to do so, normally I am there in deepest snowy winter. Needless to say I got about a mile away and saw a flowery meadow, sat down in it and, overwhelmed by the heady summer atmosphere, fell asleep in the meadow. Bliss!