Watersmeet Triptych : Pen and Indian ink on paper
£200  Panel 1 £120  Panel 2 £80   Panel 3 £80  
In black wood frame with double mount of white with black insert 400 x 400 mm
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The walk to Watersmeet is along a shady pathway, looking down on the beck as it travels on its way to meet the main River Caldew. This time I wanted to show three different views of the river action, getting closer and closer as I allowed each step to draw me in. Once again, the number three proved to be significant, showing me threesomes of stone, of ripples, and ultimately of tiny pebbles so full of insignificance that they should have been ignored. But we do that at our peril, as they say. Undiscovered treasures lie in such places, such people, such occasions. I believe that stones should be upturned, other views beheld, reverse sides explored.  The style owes much to Japanese ink drawings, the stones and the ripples could be part of a zen garden.